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      Our wellness sessions are available for individuals, as well as, employees within small or large corporations.  When wellness programs have been used in the workplace, employers have found that they had a higher retention rate, increased accuracy within employees daily tasks, increased morale within the workplace,  and also created a more effective communication line between employer and employees.


 Music Therapy in Wellness can:

  • Decrease stress

  • Increase healthy communication

  • Increase mindfulness 

  • Increase healthy self-care habits

  • Increase morale within the workplace

  • Help increase employee retention for employers

  • Increase positive self-image, thoughts, and actions


Empyreal Essence is also contracted with Supreme Peace Massage in which the two companies come together to create a Spa & Wellness program for your company or event.


Contact us today to schedule a wellness session for yourself or for your company today!




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