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How to get Started

     Our music therapist begins every client relationship with a consultation to determine whether music therapy is appropriate and can adequately meet the needs of the individual or group. Our music therapist then begins the first official session with an assessment tailored to the group or individuals particular population.  Some items of information included in the assessment, but not limited to, are determining the level of orientation of the client(s), physical abilities & limitations, emotional triggers, family dynamics, behavioral issues, interpersonal relationships and social skills;  and music preference. The assessment fee is $85 for individuals and varies for groups depending on the size. After the completion of an initial assessment, the music therapist will be able to decide the duration of time for each session, the frequency of visits, as well as, how many sessions would be needed to meet the targeted goals.

Individual & Group Sessions

      Empyreal Essence offers individual and group sessions to clients in private homes, shelters, assisted living facilities,  nursing homes, private offices, recreational centers, at community-based programs, hospitals, and at contracted company businesses. Individual sessions are customized and tailored to the client's individualized needs. Music therapist are able to dive deeper into the client’s personal goals by assessing their strengths, areas for growth, and therapeutic needs. Group sessions are utilized to focus more on building interpersonal skills within group settings, strengthen confidence, increase leadership skills, group cohesion skills, communication and create opportunities for social interaction.

Therapeutic Focus Areas

Types of Music Therapy Interventions

  • Songwriting

  • Lyric Analysis 

  • Guided meditation

  • Drumming

  • Music playing

  • Legacy projects

  • Music listening

  • and so much more!

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