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Mental Health

General Mental Health + At Risk Youth + Family Counseling + Substance Abuse + Domestic Abuse +Trauma 

      At Empyreal Essence our music therapist understands and supports the importance of having a healthy state of m. When we are functioning at our optimum, our day to day interactions are improved and our perspective on life is positively increased. Our music therapist utilizes the universal language of music to help increase mental well being by implementing a variety of therapeutic clinical and evidenced-based interventions. Therapy sessions are provided for individuals, as well as, in group settings. Music therapy services are provided in mental health centers, private practice, community-based programs, correctional and forensic facilities, schools, substance abuse treatment programs, and in the privacy of our client's own home. Our Music therapists use music to enhance social or interpersonal, affective, cognitive, and behavioral functioning. Our Music therapist can work collaboratively with other mental health therapists to help facilitate open communication in a non-threatening/non-invasive supportive way. Music therapy, in collaboration with other therapies, can help shorten the length of treatment, resulting in higher satisfactory responses from clients and their families.   


*In a mental health setting Music therapy intervention provides opportunities to:

  • Explore personal feelings and therapeutic issues such as self-esteem or personal insight

  • Make positive changes in mood and emotional states  

  • Have a sense of control over life through successful experiences

  • Enhance awareness of self and environment

  • Express oneself both verbally and non-verbally

  • Develop coping and relaxation skills

  • Support healthy feelings and thoughts

  • Improve reality testing and problem-solving skills

  • Interact socially with others

  • Adopt positive forms of behavior

  • Resolve conflicts leading to stronger family and peer relationships

  • Increased motivation

  • Improved self-image/increased self-esteem

  • Decreased anxiety/agitation

  • Develop independence and decision making skills Improve concentration and attention span


If you are an organization, facility, or community-based program representative interested in contracting music therapy services please contact us today. 



*List of outcomes provided by the American Music Therapy Association 


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