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Hospice, Palliative & Bereavement Support

    Our therapist uses music to help facilitate and create the opportunities for life review, creating legacy projects; reducing pain perception; decreasing agitation, isolation, anxiety, and depression; as well as increasing movement, interpersonal relationships, and overall quality of life. 

    At Empyreal Essence we offer our esteemed music therapy experienced in hospice & palliative care for all ages. Services can be offered at our patient's home, inpatient units, at hospitals, nursing facilities, assisted livings and anywhere else our patients may be currently located. 

    We offer bereavement/grief counseling support throughout the dying process and after the passing of our patients to the caregivers and family members. We are experienced with the stages of grief and use our compassion accompanied by music to address and help alleviate some of the common symptoms of the grieving process. 

     Our Music Therapist are advocates for their patients and therefore will attend any interdisciplinary meetings set for our patients who are in a facility care to discuss progress and plane of care.  


     If you are a representative of a Hospice organization and are looking to include music therapy as a part of your services to your patients and families, please feel free to contact us today! 

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